Monday, July 2, 2012

Neatness incentive!

I love this idea that I found on the Kindergarten Rocks blog.  As an incentive to encourage neatness instead of rushed work, students earn the chance to use the "My Work Rocks" box filled with twistable crayons and other art supply treats.  They also get to take a home an Outstanding Work Award to share with their parents.  I think I will try this out next year and see if it helps with the kids doing their best (rather than their fastest) work!   

Birthday Idea

I love this idea for making birthdays special in a cheap way.  I found this on the Kindergarten Kindergarten blog.  This would be a fun summer project! 

Phonics--Getting Organized!

I have been motivated this summer to work on getting organized with my Phonics materials.  I actually feel more creative in the summer when I have more time to brainstorm ideas that work!  Our Phonics K curriculum involves a lot of hands-on materials which can be very time consuming to create and organize throughout the year.  I've been working on figuring out ways to do all the work now, so that during the school year it will be ready to use.  Ideas include:
*a phonics file box that includes a folder for each section/unit of our curriculum.
*labelled bags of materials or stacks of papers for each activity within each unit.
*some of the materials are color-coded so that they will be easier to divide into sets for students to use at center time.