Monday, January 21, 2013

Clutter-Free Classroom Week #2

The week #2 Challenge for the Clutter-Free Classroom Project is for us to share our plans for classroom organization!  I will probably keep adding onto this list, but so far I'd like to:

1. Create a new lesson plan binder system so that I don't have to write out my entire schedule in my calendar each week and so I have all of my stuff (plans, created materials, teacher journal, lists) in one place rather than piled up in my bag.  

2.  Organize my classroom celebration plans so that I don't have to think of new ideas every year (for Fall, Winter, Valentine's Day, 100s Day, etc...).  I'm thinking that I should have both a digital file on my laptop and a physical storage space such as a box or file or something.

3.  Organize my desk, specifically my top desk drawer, which has accidentally become a junk drawer!  

4.  Spend more time re-teaching students how to take care of supplies at center time so that I'm spending less of my planning time cleaning up the classroom.  

5.  Plan on cleaning up as a I go and cleaning up everything before I leave for the day, so that things don't end up piling up on me!  

6.  Re-do my bulletin boards, which I haven't though much of since the start of the school year and after I had moved my furniture around mid-year.  I have some extra space that could serve a better purpose!  


  1. great plans :) Especially the reviewing with your kiddos how we should treat things in the room by keeping them neat & clean! It will mean so much less stress for you! Good luck in your de-cluttering adventures! I will be taking the journey with you :)

    Primary Teacherhood

  2. saw your post based on reading the clutter free classroom. I use this site for my lesson plans: After you create the templates you NEVER have to write times in again. I have loved using it. It does have a small yearly fee ($12), but the headaches it has saved me I am in love. You can view my plans on their site by clicking on view teachers plans. My email: my code: gloudemansplans

    Let me know if you need help templating or anything!

    Behind the Scenes: Mrs. Gloudemans Room (

  3. Thanks for the idea, I'll check it out!

  4. I have to 2nd the idea about!! My team started using it this year and we LOVE it!!
    Karen :o)
    Mrs. Stamp's Kindergarten