Monday, January 28, 2013

New Teacher Planner

So today we had a surprise snow day!  With extra time on my hands, I got motivated to finish up re-organizing my teacher binder.  Here's what my old one looked like:

While I LOVE this calendar lay out, writing out my schedule by hand is not so easy this year (now that Kindergarten has changed to full day!)  So I wanted to simplify and I was also really inspired by some techy lesson plan templates that I saw on some blogs like these from Erica Bohrer and Dee Dee Wills

I had a hard time figuring out how to make these work for my classroom, since my schedule is different each day of the week and I do like to have the option to write things in and change them throughout the week as needed (like when we have a snow day and I need to change my plans)!  So I ended up creating a digital template of my weekly schedule with space to write in specific lesson plans for those activities that require them.  

I had fun decorating my new binder with some collages (repurposed from last planner), adding my schedule, and adding monthly calendar pages (from Goddess Leonie!).  I have a pocket in front for any papers that are coming or going, a pencil pouch to store both pens and smaller materials that I've created, space in the binder for my year-long plan, and also room at the back for my teacher journal.

This Calendar page is from Goddess Leonie!

I feel more organized now that I have all of my "stuff" (other than curriculum) in one compact planner.  Yay, I guess this counts as an organization project for the Clutter-Free Classroom Project!  

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