Tuesday, June 18, 2013

10 Pin Linky Party: Favorite Class Decor Pins

Here are some of my favorite classroom decor pins!  All photos link back to pinterest where credit is given for the source of the photo!  

1.  I love these cubbies with both the names and the photos!  I also love the number line on the wall that looks like it was created with kid art! 

2.  I love how organized this classroom wall is and how the teacher made use of all the extra space.  

3.  I love this writing center bulletin board!  I've been wanting more ideas for what to do with the bulletin board where my writing center is. 

4.  I love how this teacher transformed some ugly metal furniture into something colorful and fun.  Follow the link back to her website for lots more classroom eye candy!  Her classroom is really amazing!  

5.  I'm loving this word wall!  I like the pictures for each letter and like how kid names have photos next to them.  I also like how there's plenty of space for more words and words are big enough to see across the room!

6.  I love how this teacher posted reading groups with kid photos on scrapbook paper.  Looks like the photos might be inside a scrapbook page and easy to move around/re-arrange as needed.

7.  Another great way to display guided (in this case math) groups of kids!  I like how the velcro makes it easy to regroup and I like all the colorful paper! 

8.  I love the bright happy colors and bold letter labels.  Simple things like this can make classrooms bright and happy looking!

9.  I love this class collage!  It would be a great thing to hang up in the hallway in the beginning of the school year to celebrate all of our friends!  

10.  Last of all, I love this creative use of space.  Something like this could also be done on the backs of metal shelves that are so common in our classrooms!  

Click on the photo to the left to see who started this linky party and to see other teacher's favorite pins!