Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Classroom Cubbies

One crafty classroom project that I worked on over the summer break was fixing up my classroom cubbies! I have a cubby shelf that I use in the classroom where I pass out papers that need to go home with students. I was putting sticker labels on the bottom of each cubby space so that kids would know which one was theirs. One problem with this is that some of the labels would fall off, while others would leave a residue if I took them off. The other problem was that you couldn't see the labels once there were papers in the cubbies. I saw this great idea on pinterest that solved both problems (photo links back to pinterest so you can see who created it!)...

And here's what I ended up making... I covered up the yucky edges with duct tape and then collage-pauged numbers onto binder clips for the labels.  I only put up to 20 so far (wishful thinking!) but may add more once I find out how many students I'll have this year.

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