Thursday, July 11, 2013

Guided Reading Book Study--Chapter Two

Chapter Two of the Guided Reading book is all about assessment and grouping.  For Kindergarten, she recommends doing Letter ID and Name writing for all students at the beginning of the year, which I already do.  For the students who do really well,  she then recommends doing a word list assessment and running records (which I do) and dictated sentences (haven't done, great idea) and writing samples (which I do for writing workshop).  This at least inspires me to get my assessment binder organized and prepared for back to school!

She also talks about how to analyze running record errors, which I know how to do, but do not tend to do regularly.  I'd like to do more of this this school year AND use that information to support what I work on in reading groups.

She suggest that the running record info can guide the focus of reading groups and could address any of the following:  risk taking, self-monitoring, decoding, fluency, oral retell, and comprehension.  Helpful!

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