Thursday, August 1, 2013

I heart washi tape!

I heart washi tape!  There's a Washi Tape Wednesday post on Kindergarten Crayons that inspired me to share ideas for using washi tape in the classroom.  Because it's sticky and removable, there are so many great uses for it and now that more stores are carrying it, it's so much easier to find.

List of ways that I have used washi tape in the classroom:

  • Students used washi tape to tape their body shape stencils to the inside of their science journals, so that every time we learned about a new body system, they could trace the shape of a human body and draw what they learned.  
  • Students taped their "foot" cut out for measuring to the inside of their math journals, so they wouldn't get lost.
  • I created a laminated class book that lists the class rules on each page and I taped photos of current students following those rules in the book.  I can remove the photos and reuse the book with new photos next year.  
  • One of our calendar activities was to add a penny to the board each day (and trade them for a dime after 10 days and a dollar bill after 100 days.)  I used the washi tape on the white board to divide up the 1s, 10s, 100s place both for the money and for the spot where students wrote the numbers.
  • I'm using washi tape for my word wall this year to divide up spaces on the white board.
  • You can use it to mark where the students should stand in line.  I've used painter's tape for this for years, but washi tape comes in so many more fun colors!
  • You can tape things to the white board if you run out of magnets and you can remove it and reuse it easily.
  • I used it to tape checklist into notebooks.  For example, I have a notebook that I use for keeping conferring notes during writer's workshop that I use throughout the year.  I change up the checklist each month though so that I can keep track of who I visited and it removes nicely when taped in with washi tape.  Much better than gluing and ripping!
Now that washi tape is becoming easier to find, I'm excited to see how other people are using it!!!!


  1. I love washi tape! What a great idea to use it on the white board. I will be trying that this year.


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    1. I re-commented. Now I have a "photo" on my account :)

  3. I thought I had a lot of washi... you win :) And, stupid me, I find myself hoarding my favorites... like the world is going to run out of washi!