Tuesday, July 8, 2014

My New Teacher Planner

     It has been a long time since I've posted on my teacher blog, but am feeling inspired to do so again and thought I would share what I'm currently excited about:  my new teacher planner! Plus I love seeing how other teachers stay organized! I have been changing things up every year and this year I picked up a teacher planner that I LOVE from Office Max.  What I like about it is that it's basically an academic calendar with the dates already in it.  The months are tabbed and there are both monthly calendar pages and colorful weekly planning pages within each month.  I also like that is has pages for holidays/special date throughout the year, which I plan on using to write out my year-long plan for when I'll be teaching different units.
I slid the cover of last year's planner into the sleeve on the front.  I'll just need to update the school year!  

This page is designated for most-often used  lists including: to-do lists for home and school, my wish list,  things to share at the next PTO meeting, things to share at the next K meeting, and things to share in my parent newsletter.  

I added a folder to this page (with angry bird washi tape!) to store stickers that I made for the planner. 
So one draw back of using a planner like this, is that you have to write EVERYTHING in it.  I liked the idea of having pre-made stickers for the events that happen often including all of our special area classes, our weekly school assembly, special events, birthdays and sub days. 

Year long calendar
More space for lists:  schedules (of ELL, SLP, OT teachers), preferred subs, room parents, and parent volunteers.  
I like this page to use for planning my units throughout the year! 

Birthday page
I will plan on taping my schedule onto this page once I have it figured out.  
Monthly calendar page
Weekly planning page (I'll have to add more photos of what this page will actually look like when I use it!)
I can tape in any pages I want to refer to throughout the year, including the phonics pacing guide.  It's taped in as a flap so since it's a double-sided page. 
THE END  At the end I taped my password list (all washed out, don't worry) and I taped a folder flap onto the last page so that I have a place to store papers that I'm taking between home and school  
So that's my teacher planner for this year!  I have been so inspired with all of the digital/online teachers planners that I have seen, but know that I need to have some sort of paper version...a place where I can write down notes throughout the day.  I am also really inspired by the Erin Condren planners and LOVE to see filled out planner pages, so I'll plan on adding some more photos later!


  1. hi heather! I am so happy to see your post! I love your planner. Any chance of u posting which academic planner it was, they have so many. I'll be home next week so let's get together! on ipad please excuse typos

  2. Hi Kathleen! It's called the Teacher's Weekly Lesson Plan by Time Smart Teacher. I tried to find a link/picture online, but didn't have any luck. I found it at the Office Max on Ann Arbor Saline just a few weeks ago if you're interested! I will be around and would love to get together some time!